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November 2, 2009

Swedish Nuclear Power: a Mascopy between State and Capitalv

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article on nuclear plant building DN 2 nov 09.

The Nuclear Power debate in Sweden
The first Swedish reactor called R1  (at the University of Technology Stockholm) started on 13 July 1959 and was active until 1970.
R1 had no plan for how to take care the nuclear waste. It was simply stored in oil barrels or just lying on the ground covered by some plastic sheet! Nobody knows what exactly happened with it!
(source: Ny Teknik nr 7 – 1987, Wikipedia)  There was about 10 ton nuclear waste.
The present solution is a storage close to the Forsmark nuclear plant. This storage is calculated to be isolated for 500 years only, but we need at least 100 000 years to be safe of radioactivity !!
The amount of nuclear waste in Sweden today is perhaps 10 000 tons,  this is secrete! We know it is growing steadily.
Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB is the company taking care of the waist.
On 23 march 1980 there was a general poll for or against nuclear power;  the people said NO.
The Swedish government decided to dismantle all nuclear plants until 2010
Now this has not been done. In fact, they are going to build a new nuclear plant.
Read the arguments for building a new reactor in the article from DN (link above).
It appears that true costs of producing 1 kWh power is not known !
In any case, it is much higher than it is sold to the industry. The Swedish state is actually subsidizing nuclear production of electric energy and heat with tax payers money.
Actually, this is the case with other governments too. But scientists and engineers know that the argument that nuclear power is cheap energy is not proved. So why do we need nuclear power ? the industry is lobbying to build nuclear power, with arguments such as “we are otherwise losing international competitive power”.  Such arguments are always scaring off the Swedish government (mostly economic and sexual liberals, some of them openly gay) and so they will give away the taxpayers money to the CAPITAL, they don’t care about hazards of health for the PEOPLE or ENVIRONMENT, they don’t care about future generations, i e our children and their children and so on.  They are committing crime against humanity !
COMPETITION UBER ALLES !  that is the liberal economist mantra. They hail the “free market”, “competitive power” etc.
But that is an illusive concept since it obviously is state supported.
This is an example on the Mascopy between the STATE and the CAPITAL!
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